Inertial Guidance: A Brief History and Overview

Simon Harris
Simon Harris4 January 2023


Next frontier with the Australian Space Agency

The future of the next frontier with the Australian Space Agency

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward2 November 2022
Post Processing Kinematica Software | Advanced Navigation

Benefits of using post-processing kinematic (PPK) software in GNSS based and inertial navigation solutions

Simon Harris
Simon Harris17 October 2022
Acoustic Positioning And Navigation Basics

Acoustic positioning and navigation basics

Simon Harris
Simon Harris8 September 2022
Quantum Sensing Fusion | Inertial Navigation Systems

The future of inertial navigation is classical-quantum sensor fusion

Simon Harris
Simon Harris25 August 2022
oceans presented huge navigation challenges

An introduction to dead-reckoning

Simon Harris
Simon Harris17 August 2022
Hydrus autonomous underwater vehicle micro AUV

The benefits of Hydrus micro-AUV explained

Simon Harris
Simon Harris8 June 2022

MEMS vs FOG: what inertial system should you choose?

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur10 February 2022
Methods Of Heading In Navigation

Methods of heading in navigation

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur18 September 2021
AI Inertial Revolution

How is AI revolutionising inertial navigation?

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur4 September 2021
Digital FOG

What is Digital FOG (DFOG)?

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur4 August 2021