GNSS Spoofing Banner Image

Navigating the Rising Threat of GNSS Spoofing in Critical Industries

14 February 2024


Ease of Integration Tech Article

Integrating Inertial Navigation Systems: What to Know

3 January 2024

How Micro-AUVs can Change the Conversation Around Rig-to-Reef Programs

19 December 2023
Tech Article | Hydrus Functionality In The Field

Hydrus Functionality in the Field: Unveiling the Depths of Ocean Intelligence

15 November 2023

Advanced Navigation expands Boreas digital fibre-optic gyroscope range with new A Series

11 July 2023
Tech Article | Autonomous Systems

Advanced Navigation Engineering Grant Recipients Share Their Insights On Autonomous Systems & Sustainability

30 June 2023
Advanced Navigation | Moon To Mars Initiative

Advanced Navigation awarded $5.2M in funding from Australian Space Agency for Future Lunar Exploration

28 June 2023
Tech Article | Digitally Encoded Doppler Ranging And Velocity

Digitally encoded Doppler ranging and velocity – a new paradigm in laser based measurement

25 May 2023
Tech Article | The History of Gyroscopes

The History of Gyroscopes – from humble beginnings to hyper technology

21 May 2023
TECH ARTICLE | Pedestrian Dead-Reckoning

Pedestrian dead-reckoning (PDR) – an introduction

8 May 2023
Tech Article Insights Into LiDAR Technology

Insights into LiDAR technology and LiDAR-based surveying

26 April 2023
Tech Article | Ag-Tech

A leap forward in Ag-Tech: how autonomous systems and precision agriculture are transforming farming – a guide

6 April 2023
Tech Article | Untangling USBL

Untangling USBL – comparing the benefits of USBL-squared (USBL2) with classic and inverted USBL

8 March 2023