Roadside Assistance in Space: The Launch of Optimus and Boreas X90

21 February 2024
Case Study Tassal

Enhancing Aquaculture Sustainability with Hydrus

5 October 2023
Case Study | AIMS ReefWorks

Underwater drone Hydrus completes successful simulation to identify hazards in tropical waters

20 September 2023
Case Study | UltraBeam Hydrographic

Spatial FOG Dual helps Ultrabeam’s Axolotl amphibious hydrographic survey craft stay on course both on land and in water

7 March 2023
Case Study | JM Robotics

Subsonus USBL2 technology accelerates JM Robotics small-scale ROV program with accurate acoustic heading

6 March 2023
Case Study | Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines looks to Advanced Navigation laser velocity and ranging technology for autonomous commercial lunar landings

4 October 2022
Case Study Naio Technologies

GNSS Compass keeps the Naïo Technologies “Ted” agricultural robot accurately tending vineyards

8 August 2022
Case Study | LimnTech Scientific

Certus MEMS INS improves efficiency of LimnTech Scientific road-marking solution

19 July 2022
Case Study | DOF Subsea

DOF Subsea selects Subsonus USBL/INS for their small-scale ROV

30 May 2022
Case Study | EyeVi Technologies

INS evolution helps EyeVi Technologies achieve scalable LiDAR survey efficiency for road networks

28 March 2022

IHMC’s robotic exoskeleton strides towards the future with Orientus AHRS

7 October 2021
Case Study | Geosurvey Mexicana

Subsonus USBL helps Geosurvey Mexicana access new markets

28 September 2021
Case Study | Nortek

Nortek uses the GNSS Compass for its next surveying solution

1 September 2021
Case Study | Dynetics

Dynetics selects Advanced Navigation for Gremlins X-61 UAV

23 August 2021
Case Study | Desert WAVE

Team Desert WAVE takes 3rd place at Robosub 2019 with Subsonus USBL

3 August 2021
Case Study | ARRB Systems

ARRB Systems road surveying accuracy increases with MEMS-based GNSS/INS Spatial Dual

11 July 2021
Case Study | Academic Motorsports Club Zurich

AMZ’s driverless race car takes the lead with Advanced Navigation’s Spatial Dual

6 June 2021

INS Field Test | Spatial FOG

3 June 2021
Case Study | Nextcore

Certus Evo helps Nextcore’s UAV-LiDAR reach new heights in both altitude and performance

25 May 2021
Case Study | Robotics Systems

Advanced Navigation helps Robotic Systems accelerate time-to-market

7 May 2021