Hydrographic Survey with Ultrabeam Axolotl

Spatial FOG Dual helps Ultrabeam’s Axolotl amphibious hydrographic survey craft stay on course both on land and in water

Simon Harris
Simon Harris7 March 2023
JM Robotics HD3 ROV in action

Subsonus USBL2 technology accelerates JM Robotics small-scale ROV program with accurate acoustic heading

Simon Harris
Simon Harris6 March 2023
earth to moon

Intuitive Machines looks to Advanced Navigation laser velocity and ranging technology for autonomous commercial lunar landings

Simon Harris
Simon Harris4 October 2022
TED | Naïo Technologies GNSS Compass

GNSS Compass keeps the Naïo Technologies “Ted” agricultural robot accurately tending vineyards

Simon Harris
Simon Harris8 August 2022
LimnTech Scientific automated road marking system

Certus MEMS INS improves efficiency of LimnTech Scientific road-marking solution

Simon Harris
Simon Harris19 July 2022
DOF Subsea Vessel

DOF Subsea selects Subsonus USBL/INS for their small-scale ROV

Simon Harris
Simon Harris30 May 2022
Rapid and convenient LiDAR road surveying

INS evolution helps EyeVi Technologies achieve scalable LiDAR survey efficiency for road networks

Simon Harris
Simon Harris28 March 2022
Quix robotic exoskeleton in use

IHMC’s robotic exoskeleton strides towards the future with Orientus AHRS

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur7 October 2021
Subsonus USBL acoustic position helps infrastructure placement in deep water

Subsonus USBL helps Geosurvey Mexicana access new markets

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur28 September 2021
Sabanto autononous farming equipment in action

How Sabanto uses GNSS Compass to revolutionise farming

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur16 September 2021
GNSS Compass provides accurate heading to assist ADCP

Nortek uses the GNSS Compass for its next surveying solution

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur1 September 2021
Gremlin UAS in flight

Dynetics selects Advanced Navigation for Gremlins X-61 UAV

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur23 August 2021
Team Desert WAVE

Team Desert WAVE takes 3rd place at Robosub 2019 with Subsonus USBL

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur3 August 2021
System accuracy increases with MEMS-based GNSS/INS on Spatial Dual platform

ARRB Systems road surveying accuracy increases with MEMS-based GNSS/INS Spatial Dual

AMZ autonomous race car

AMZ’s driverless race car takes the lead with Advanced Navigation’s Spatial Dual

INS Field Test | Spatial FOG

Robbie Voltolina
Robbie Voltolina3 June 2021