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Our mission

Advanced Navigation's mission is to drive the autonomy revolution with high reliability AI powered systems delivering unparalleled capabilities and performance. Our customers choose us for our high performance, reliability and advanced design.

High Performance

Our systems deliver the highest performance and richest feature set on the market. We back our performance claims by free product trials.


Our systems are built to the highest quality standards in Australia to endure the test of time in the most difficult conditions. You can rely on our products.

Trusted Reliability

All our systems are designed and tested to safety standards with fault tolerance built in to provide you with the highest reliability possible. Our reliability is trusted by many of the worlds largest companies.

Worldwide Support

Our experts are part of your team. We’re on hand to ensure that our solutions are successfully integrated into your systems.

Meet our leadership team

Xavier Orr

Xavier Orr

Chief Executive Officer

John Colvin CRO

John Colvin

Chief Revenue Officer

Brian Gordon Director of Research And Development

Brian Gordon

Head of Research & Development

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Nesher

Jonathan Nesher

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Picherit

Thomas Picherit

Director of Business Development

Grace Hynd

Grace Hynd

Chief Operating Officer

Vanessa Wende Director People and Culture

Vanessa Wende

Head of People & Culture

Morgan McDermont

Morgan McDermont

Director of Subsea

Quality Manufacturing in Australia

All our solutions are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards. Our advanced automated manufacturing applies quality tests above and beyond other manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the most reliable and consistent products possible.

Quality standards

Advanced Navigation is ISO 9001 certified, meaning our systems meet the international quality management standard.

Performance focused

Our highly advanced calibration and testing systems ensure that our products deliver reliable, repeatable high performance.

Our partners

Advanced Navigation collaborates with some of the most prominent research institutions to innovate navigation and robotics. We work with researchers such as Q+CTRL to develop space navigation for NASA and CSIRO to revolutionise crop monitoring.

Advanced Navigation collaborated with RMIT and ANU to create the first fully digital fiber optic gyroscope (DFOG). Our partners continue to redefine innovation, with Advanced Navigation’s solutions enabling the success of some of the most exciting navigation and robotics projects.

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