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Our Company

Headquartered in Australia, Advanced Navigation is the world’s most determined innovator in AI robotics and navigation technologies. By leveraging our capabilities in AI neural networks and deep learning algorithms, our solutions deliver unparalleled capabilities and exceptional performance across land, air, sea and space applications. Made possible with extensive research, testing and automated manufacturing, we develop transformative technologies from inertial and sonar navigation to photonic and quantum sensing. Customers choose Advanced Navigation for ultra-high accuracy, reliability and advanced design.

Our mission

Founded on a culture of research and discovery, Advanced Navigation's mission is to be the catalyst of the autonomy revolution. Powered by a deep curiosity to apply ground-breaking technologies to uncover and explore new frontiers, we are ultimately extending human capabilities to build a more resilient and sustainable future, with safer outcomes.

Superior Performance

Our systems deliver the highest performance and richest feature set on the market. We back our performance claims with free product trials.

High-grade Quality

Our systems are built to the highest quality standards in Australia to endure the test of time in the most difficult conditions. You can rely on our products.

Trusted Reliability

We are trusted by the world's largest technology companies. Every solution is designed and tested to safety standards, equipped with fault tolerance to provide users with unrivalled reliability.

Worldwide Support

Our global team of highly skilled and dependable experts are always available to provide support, ensuring that every project and integration is a resounding success.

Meet our leadership team

Xavier Orr

Xavier Orr

Chief Executive Officer

Chris McNamara

Christopher McNamara

Chief Revenue Officer

Tom Pereira

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Gordon

Brian Gordon

Head of Research & Development

Grace Hynd

Grace Hynd

Chief Operating Officer

Adrian West

Head of People & Culture

Manufacturing in Australia

Every solution is developed and manufactured in our Australian facilities. This allows comprehensive control over the production process to ensure quality control and supply chain resilience. Our advanced automated manufacturing involves rigorous testing surpassing industry standards to guarantee customers receive the most reliable and consistent products possible.

Quality standards

Advanced Navigation is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring every solution meets the international quality management standard.

Performance focused

Our highly advanced calibration and testing systems ensure every product delivers reliable, repeatable high performance.

Our partners

Advanced Navigation collaborates with prominent research institutions to uncover navigation and robotic breakthroughs.

Together with Q-CTRL, we are developing quantum sensors for NASA lunar exploration.

We are revolutionising crop monitoring with CSIRO and collaborated with RMIT and ANU to create the world’s-first fully digital fibre optic gyroscope (DFOG).

We continue to shape the future of autonomy with our partners, as we look to discover and empower transformative technologies.

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