Australia’s largest subsea robotics centre

Advanced Navigation unveils Australia’s largest subsea robotics centre

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward18 April 2023


Cloud Ground Control platform

Cloud Ground Control empowers emergency response and disaster relief with 5G drone fleet control

Stephanie Qiu
Stephanie Qiu5 April 2023
KKR Leads AUD 108 Million Series B Funding Round In AI Leader Advanced Navigation

KKR Leads AUD 108 million Series B Funding Round in AI Leader Advanced Navigation

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward17 November 2022
oreas D70 DFOG | Advanced Navigation

Advanced Navigation announces Boreas D70, new digital fibre-optic gyroscope

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward18 October 2022
BAE Systems Sweden Advanced Navigation

Advanced Navigation Wins Program with BAE Systems in Sweden

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward10 October 2022
Navigation System | Lunar Exploration

Advanced Navigation set to be the first Australian company to reach the Moon

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward15 July 2022
Hydrus AUV Launch

Connecting Hydrus (AUV) with the Ocean Community

Robbie Voltolina
Robbie Voltolina2 June 2022
Vai Photonics Co-Founders

Shaping the Future of Photonic Sensing: Advanced Navigation Acquires Vai Photonics

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward5 May 2022
Hydrus AUV

Advanced Navigation launches subsea drone Hydrus, to open new frontiers in ocean exploration and conservation

Laura Hayward
Laura Hayward5 April 2022
Ashley Cox with their latest UAV INS and LiDAR integration

Cordel COO Ashley Cox discusses integrating INS and LiDAR

Simon Harris
Simon Harris12 January 2022
Next Generation Gnss Compass

Advanced Navigation releases next generation satellite compass

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur20 October 2021
CGC - Cloud Ground Control

Launching CGC to monitor and control drone fleets over the web

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur7 October 2021
Malcolm Turnbull Advanced Navigation

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appointed director

Stephane Recouvreur
Stephane Recouvreur2 August 2021