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High Performance

Our systems deliver the highest performance and richest feature set on the market. We back our performance claims with free product trials.

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Trusted Reliability

All our systems are designed and tested to safety standards with fault tolerance built in to provide you with the highest reliability possible. Our reliability is trusted by many of the world’s largest companies.



Our systems are built to the highest quality standards in Australia to endure the test of time in the most difficult conditions. You can rely on our products.









Acoustic Navigation

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GNSS Spoofing Banner Image

Navigating the Rising Threat of GNSS Spoofing in Critical Industries

14 February 2024
Tech Article | Digitally Encoded Doppler Ranging And Velocity

Digitally encoded Doppler ranging and velocity – a new paradigm in laser based measurement

25 May 2023
oreas D70 DFOG | Advanced Navigation

Advanced Navigation announces Boreas D70, new digital fibre-optic gyroscope

18 October 2022
Case Study | Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines looks to Advanced Navigation laser velocity and ranging technology for autonomous commercial lunar landings

4 October 2022
Vai Photonics Co-Founders

Shaping the Future of Photonic Sensing: Advanced Navigation Acquires Vai Photonics

5 May 2022
heading article

Methods of heading in navigation

18 September 2021
Case Study | Dynetics

Dynetics selects Advanced Navigation for Gremlins X-61 UAV

23 August 2021
Boreas FOG

Launching Boreas, the world’s first fully Digital FOG

26 May 2021

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