Subsonus is a next-generation USBL/INS that provides high accuracy position, velocity and heading at depths of up to 1,000 metres.

Position Accuracy
0.1 m
Roll & Pitch
0.1 °
Acoustic Heading
0.3 °
Range & Depth
1,000 m
Subsonus Hand

Subsonus is a miniature underwater acoustic positioning system that provides high accuracy position, velocity, and heading at ranges of up to 1000 metres. The USBL provides highly reliable tracking thanks to its advanced signal processing and unique hydrophone design. Subsonus also seamlessly operates as a modem capable of transmitting user data underwater.



Subsonus In Hand

Industry Leading Hydrophone Array

Subsonus features an industry-leading eight-channel factory-calibrated hydrophone array. With the hydrophones, Subsonus is able to perform beamforming, offering exceptional multipath rejection in poor environments and higher accuracy measurements.
Industry Leading Hydrophone

Dynamic Power and Signal Encoding

Subsonus dynamically adjusts its acoustic transmit power and signal encoding based upon its operating environment. This results in highly improved performance and reliability in difficult conditions.

Acoustic Heading

Acoustic Heading

Subsonus features acoustic heading transfer technology that allows it to transfer high accuracy GNSS heading from the surface to a unit underwater. This allows underwater units to acheive high accuracy heading without a gyrocompass and with no susceptibility to magnetic interference.

Internal Speed Sound Sensor

Internal Speed of Sound Sensor

Subsonus has the ability to measure the speed of sound through water using a revolutionary new technique. This means that the system is self tuning and no extra equipment or user intervention is required to setup the system for optimal performance.

Fully Integrated Miniature Enclosure

Fully Integrated Miniature Enclosure

Subsonus does away with the typical reliance on external equipment such as rack mount units, interface boxes or PCs. All processing is done internally inside the miniature titanium enclosure and the system connects through a single ethernet connection for data output. It features a web browser based user interface.

Acoustic Modem

Acoustic Modem

Subsonus offers acoustic modem functionality, capable of rapidly transmitting third-party data via a TCP Network port from one subsonus to another.

Miniature Package


Subsonus utilises modern high-end electronics and manufacturing techniques to miniaturise the physical components of the USBL system, without compromising on performance. Subsonus runs fully on the processor within the transceiver, and is accessible via a web browser, with no additional rack-mounted interface units or processing PCs.




Position Accuracy (5 m range)
0.1 m
Position Accuracy (100 m range)
0.5 m
Position Accuracy (1000 m range)
5.0 m
Velocity Accuracy
0.01 m/s
Roll and Pitch Accuracy
0.1 °
Heading Accuracy
0.3 °
Heave Accuracy
5% or 0.05 m (whichever is greater)
Internal Filter Rate
1000 Hz
Output Data Rate
up to 1000 Hz
0.6 ms


30 kHz (broadband)
1000 m
Acoustic Coverage
300 ° hemispherical
Range Accuracy
0.1 % of slant range
Angular Accuracy
0.1 °
Update Rate
Up to 10 Hz
Data Transfer Rate
Up to 10 kbit


Integrated GNSS/INS
Integrated GNSS Antenna
On top of hydrophone array
Pressure Sensor Range
1,000 m
Pressure Sensor Accuracy
1.5 m


Operating Voltage
9 to 60 V or Power over Ethernet
Power Consumption (Average)
10 W
Power Consumption (Peak)
25 W
Ethernet (RS232/RS422 through ILU)
Timing Synchronisation
PTP and NTP support
Depth Rating
1000 m
Operating Temperature
-20 °C to 40 °C
Storage Temperature
-40 °C to 85 °C
Shock Limit
25 g
106 x 106 x 93 mm
Weight in Air
1170 g
Weight in Water
650 g


Reference Manual (Online)
Reference Manual (PDF)
6 Sep 2023 - V2.0
28 Sep 2021 - V3.1
Performance Evaluation
22 Jul 2016 - V1.1
3D Model
22 Jul 2016 - V1.0
Bracket 3D Model
22 Jul 2016 - V1.0


Subsonus SDK

The Subsonus SDK provides example source code for interfacing with Subsonus through the AN Packet Protocol. The languages provided are C/C++, Java, and .Net C#.

27 Oct 2020 – V2.4

Subsonus Firmware

The latest firmware for all Subsonus hardware versions. This can be loaded onto Subsonus using the web browser interface. Subsonus firmware v3.0 or newer must be used with Subsonus Tag firmware v2.0. Refer to the release notes for further details.

18 Oct 2023 – V3.4

Subsonus Firmware V2.4

Pre-version 3.0 firmware for all Subsonus hardware versions. This can be loaded onto Subsonus using the web browser interface. Subsonus firmware v2.4 must be used with Subsonus Tag firmware v1.4. Refer to the release notes for further details.

29 Oct 2020 – V2.4

Subsonus Tools

Subsonus Tools is a utility for logging data and converting log files from Subsonus into CSV formats

5 May 2023 – V3.1

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