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In mines above and below ground where GNSS is unreliable, inertial navigation systems (INS) enable vehicles and machinery to operate with higher levels of autonomy and efficiency.

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Navigation Solutions to Transform Mining

Our suite of cutting-edge INS solutions provide precise positioning and orientation, enabling operators to run autonomous machinery remotely and with minimal human intervention. These systems can be easily retrofitted and integrated onto existing vehicles, eliminating the cost of new fleet purchases or upgrades.


Delivers ultra-precise performance and rapid north-seeking gyrocompassing.


Provides accurate orientation and positioning across a range of demanding environments.


Designed for applications that demand a compact and economical package.

Digging Deeper than Autonomous Haulage

Mines are increasingly adopting autonomous haulage to address driver shortages, safety risks and truck availability, yet there are other applications where mining can benefit from automation. In excavators, our solutions help to minimise human error and ensure repetitive loading and earth moving tasks are carried out reliably and consistently.

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Powering Precision Above and Below Ground

Our fibre optic gyroscopes provide rapid and ultra-accurate north seeking gyrocompassing that is not affected by magnetic fields. Their accuracy makes them particularly useful for underground applications, such as the drilling rig alignment, where accuracy is essential to avoid costly and time-consuming redrilling and delays in project completion.

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Technology and Support for the Long Haul

Mine sites often encounter environmental challenges. Our technologies, equipped with unique AI and military-grade hardware, are tested in the harshest conditions, including high vibration, shock and dust, with an impressive mean time before failure. Customers are also supported by our global support team of engineers who stand ready to provide assistance and ship products promptly should the need arise.

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Mining the Next Decade Through Autonomy

In an industry where productivity and efficiency are key, the mining sector is ripe for innovation through automation. Companies who adopt autonomous navigation solutions first will gain a competitive edge.

The harsh conditions, repetitive tasks and safety requirements in mines make automation a low-risk and logical choice. Contact us to learn how our solutions can address legacy inefficiencies and unearth new possibilities.

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