Motus is an ultra-high accuracy MEMS IMU that combines low SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) and FOG-like performance.

Roll & Pitch
0.05 °
Heading (Magnetic)
0.8 °
Bias Instability
0.2 °/hr
Update Rate
1000 Hz
Motus Ultra-high Accuracy MEMS IMU

Motus features some of the highest accuracy MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes combined with a sophisticated fusion algorithm to offer FOG-like performance. Its market-leading SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) make it ideal for autonomous system applications. Motus is available in both OEM and rugged packages.



Motus IMU | Advanced Navigation

Ultra-High Accuracy MEMS

Motus features some of the highest accuracy MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes currently available. Motus’s inertial performance exceeds some FOG IMUs and is up to 100x smaller and 10x cheaper. Motus is put through Advanced Navigation’s intensive calibration process to provide consistently accurate data over an extended temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.
Miniature Package

Miniature Package

Never before has such high inertial performance been available in such a small package. Motus consumes just over 1 cubic inch in volume and weighs only 26 grams. This makes it ideal for weight and size sensitive applications. Motus is available in an OEM package suitable for integration into larger products or an enclosed package for external and standalone use.

Signal Processing

Advanced Signal Processing

Motus samples its sensors synchronously at 1000Hz through six individual 24-bit differential ADCs which minimises noise as well as providing optimal thermal calibration and performance characteristics. 14 seperate heavily filtered regulated power supplies ensure that each sensor and ADC is operating off the cleanest possible power supply.

Trusted Reliability


Motus has been designed from the ground up for mission critical control applications where reliability is very important. It is built on top of a safety oriented real time operating system and all software is designed and tested to safety standards with fault tolerance in mind. The hardware is designed and manufactured to mil standards.

High Sampling Rate

High Update Rate

Motus outputs temperature calibrated sensor data at 1000Hz as well as filtered attitude at the same rate. This allows for control of dynamically unstable platforms.




Roll & Pitch Accuracy
0.05 °
Heading Accuracy (magnetic)
0.8 °
Roll & Pitch Accuracy (external GNSS aided)
0.03 °
Heading Accuracy (external GNSS aided)
0.05 °
Horizontal Position Accuracy (external GNSS aided)
0.8 m
Vertical Position Accuracy (external GNSS aided)
1.5 m
Velocity Accuracy (external GNSS aided)
0.007 m/s
Orientation Range
Hot Start Time
500 ms
Internal Filter Rate
1000 Hz
Output Data Rate
Up to 1000 Hz



±10 g
Bias Instability
8 ug
Initial Bias
< 0.45 mg
Initial Scaling Error
< 0.03 %
Scale Factor Stability
< 0.04 %
< 0.05 %
Cross-axis Alignment Error
< 0.05 °
Noise Density
2 ug/√Hz
250 Hz


±475 °/s
Bias Instability
0.2 °/hr
Initial Bias
< 3 °/hr
Initial Scaling Error
< 0.02 %
Scale Factor Stability
< 0.03 %
< 0.03 %
Cross-axis Alignment Error
< 0.05 °
Noise Density
6 °/hr/√Hz
200 Hz


±8 G
Initial Scaling Error
< 0.07 %
Scale Factor Stability
< 0.09 %
< 0.08 %
Cross-axis Alignment Error
< 0.05 °
Noise Density
210 uG/√Hz
110 Hz


Interface (OEM)
Interface (Enclosed)
RS232 (RS422 version available)
4800 to 2M baud
AN Packet Protocol or NMEA
Peripheral Interface
2x GPIO and Auxiliary RS232
GPIO Level
5 - 20 V
GPIO Functions
1PPS Input • Sensor sync input • Sensor sync output • Odometer • Stationary • Air Data Input • NMEA input/output • Novatel GNSS input • Trimble GNSS input • AN Packet Protocol


Operating Voltage (OEM)
4.5 to 5.5 V
Operating Voltage (Enclosed)
5 to 36 V
Input Protection (Enclosed Only)
±60 V
Power Consumption (Typical)
1.4 W
Hot Start Battery Capacity
> 48 hrs
Hot Start Battery Charge Time
30 mins
Hot Start Battery Endurance
> 10 years
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to 85 °C
Environmental Protection (Enclosed)
IP67 / MIL-STD-810G
200,000 hrs
Shock Limit
150 g, 6 ms, half sine
Vibration Limit
8 g RMS
Dimensions (OEM)
34 x 39 x 24 mm
Dimensions (Enclosed)
42 x 67 x 30 mm
Weight (OEM)
26 grams
Weight (Enclosed)
98 grams


28 Sep 2021 - V2.1
Rugged Reference Manual (Online)
Rugged Reference Manual (PDF)
25 Mar 2024 - V2.8
OEM Reference Manual (PDF)
14 Nov 2023 - V2.6
3D Model
29 Oct 2020 - V2.1
OEM 3D Model
29 Oct 2020 - V2.0


Motus Manager

Motus Manager is the software provided for testing, configuration and logging with Motus. Java 11 is required to run Motus Manager v7.0 and later. Adoptium JRE 11 is the recommended Java installer. Please see the reference manual for more information.

9 Apr 2024 – v7.3

Motus Firmware

Firmware for all Motus hardware versions. This can be loaded onto Motus using the Motus Manager software. The change log can be found in the Motus reference manual.

18 Mar 2024 – V2.41

Motus SDK

The Motus SDK provides example source code for interfacing with Motus through the AN Packet Protocol. The languages provided are C/C++, Java, and .Net C#.

09 Jan 2023 – V7.0

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