Tellumat Integrates Spatial Dual into Air Race Stunt Planes


Tellumat of South Africa has integrated Spatial Dual into their television telemetry unit being installed into the fleet of stunt planes used in the air race world championship.

Tellumat's PRU (Position Reporting Unit) that integrates Spatial Dual sends real time position, velocity and orientation from the stunt plane to the ground during the races so that graphics can be overlaid on live television footage.

The system has been in trials since March 2014 and based upon successful testing it has now been moved into the production phase. Shown below is one of the prototype PRU systems from July 2014 installed in the stunt plane pictured above.

prototype pru

The production Tellumat PRU is shown below.

production pru

The stunt plane air race is an extremely difficult environment for a GPS/INS with high dynamics manoeuvring causing extended duration g-forces of up to 10g and back to back GPS outages of up to 15 seconds during barrel rolls and loops.

Where other systems that were tested failed to achieve satisfactory results, Spatial Dual exceeded in maintaining high accuracy position, velocity and orientation. By fully integrating data from the stunt plane fleet's existing pitot and static air data system, Spatial Dual was able to acheive position drift rates of less than 0.5% of distance travelled during GPS outages in manoeuvres.

The position data from tests carried out in Cape Town, South Africa last year is shown below.

Birds eye view

Side view

A log file of this data that can be opened in Google Earth can be downloaded from this link.