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Connecting Hydrus (AUV) with the Ocean Community

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Hydrus AUV Launch

Hydrus (AUV), a fully autonomous subsea drone, will revolutionise undersea research, survey and exploration by making data capture simple and accessible.

Oceans are key to the survival of planet Earth, and we require a far greater understanding of the interaction between oceans, climate and humans to succeed in solving our problems. There are needs to reduce the cost, risks and complexity associated with subsea research, in order to open up access to the underwater world. Due to the hostility of marine environments, robotic solutions will become increasingly influential.

In response to the need for easier, safer and more affordable subsea robotics, Advanced Navigation leveraged its extensive experience in acoustic and inertial navigation systems and artificial intelligence to deliver Hydrus, a micro-autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).

Hydrus (AUV) is developed to make subsea data capture vastly more accessible through complex navigation, communication and image capture technologies with mature artificial intelligence. The end result provides an unprecedented level of subsea robotic performance that is simple to use, affordable, and easy to travel with.

To accelerate change, heighten ocean advocacy and engender the concept of blue economics, we need to reveal the issues and demonstrate solutions with exciting visuals and professional data to create positive change. However, we can’t do this alone.


To kick-start discussions we launched Hydrus alongside brilliant minds involved in ocean conservation. This is what they had to say.

Xavier Orr

“Hydrus (AUV) will have a great impact on research and marine science. It’s a real enabler underwater and there’s nothing quite like this at the moment”

Xavier Orr, CEO of Advanced Navigation

“I see Hydrus making a positive impact on the oceans health by providing data to a lot more people. Rather than going out one or two times a year, we’re able to deploy this instrument multiple times to get a greater resolution of how things are changing, and therefore how we can adapt to what the changes are”

Justin Geldard, Coastal Engineering Researcher at UWA Oceans Institute

“The thing I’m most excited about with Hydrus is that it brings the drone revolution underwater and has the ability to capture data and take amazing imagery”

Peter Baker, Subsea Product Manager at Advanced Navigation

“Now you’ve got this miniaturization with so much more functionality packed into a tiny little bit of technology and this is what we are going to see out of Hydrus”

Michaela Dommisse, Research and Infrastructure Manager at Minderoo Foundation

“To me, this is the NASA of underwater. Anything to gain more information about an unknown part of our world, I think is incredibly empowering and the conversation goes hand in hand, it’s trying to create granular information and detail around the ocean and I’m trying to bring new information to what lives in the ocean”

Josh Niland, Chef and Restaurateur at Saint Peter