SEA Corporation Delivers Sublocus DVL To Ocean Works Asia

Sublocus set-up

SEA Corporation of Japan has delivered Advanced Navigation's Sublocus DVL to Ocean Works Asia. Ocean Works Asia is integrating Sublocus DVL into their ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) platform for autonomous control. SEA Corporation worked with Ocean Works Asia to perform validation performance testing on one of the units in the waterways of Chiba prefecture, Japan.

As part of the validation performance testing, Sublocus DVL was mounted underneath a ship without GPS and its position, velocity and heading was compared against a dual antenna GPS reference system onboard the ship. Sublocus DVL exhibited excellent performance in the testing. The position results are shown below with Sublocus DVL in blue and the reference unit in red.

sublocus test results

sublocus mounting

SEA Corporation has considerable engineering expertise in marine and subsea technologies and they are Advanced Navigation's exclusive distributor in Japan. For contact information please visit their website at