What is the definition of gyroscope?

Also called gyro, it is a device used to detect and measure rotation about an axis. Common gyroscope technologies include MEMS, FOG and RLG.

The modern era of electronics, computing, photonics, and greatly improved manufacturing has indelibly affected the gyro. The concept of the gyroscope remains unchanged, however, the technology behind how we build and use gyroscopes has evolved and changed significantly over the last 100 years. Read more “The history of gyroscopes – from humble beginnings to hyper technology

Gyroscope Mechanism

Image depicting a classical mechanical gyroscope design.

  • The spinning disc (A) is mounted to the inner gimbal (B), which is mounted at 90 ° to the outer gimbal (C).
  • The outer gimbal is able to rotate with respect to the mounting frame.

This arrangement provides independent rotation of the gimbals, allowing the spinning disc to retain its original axis of rotation regardless of the orientation of the gyroscope.

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