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Oceanology International Americas 2023 14-16 February | San Diego, America

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Banner Oceanology International Americas 2023

Advanced Navigation is excited to be returning to Oceanology International Americas, in San Diego. The team will be showcasing our innovative acoustic navigation products, as well as our AI-based navigation solutions.

We are thrilled to share that Peter Baker, our Senior Subsea Product Manager, will be a speaker at Oceanology International in 2023. Peter will be speaking about taking the underwater drone revolution, with Hydrus, our autonomous underwater robot.

When: 14-16 February 2023

Location: San Diego Convention Centre. 111 W Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 921-1, United States.  (Google Maps)

Stand/Booth: Stand A10 (Event Map)


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Oceanology International Americas 2023

Oceanology International Americas is a world leading educational event and trade show, bringing together the world’s leaders in marine science and ocean technology. Oceanology International Americas provides a platform for delegates to learn from ocean leaders, increase technical knowledge, boost blue economy knowledge, and connect with key buyers in vertical industries. Oceanology International Americas provides access to comprehensive, innovative solutions, content and expertise, in modern ocean technology.

Main robotics and acoustic navigation technologies on display


Micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)


Next-generation USBL/Modem

Subsonus Tag

Battery-powered acoustic positioning transponder

Meet our Advanced Navigation Team at Oceanology International Americas 2023

John Colvin

John Colvin
Chief Revenue Officer 

“Advanced Navigation is building the future of tomorrow, today. Everyday I am inspired by our team of professionals who are exceptional at what they do, forward in their thinking, unwavering in their goals and committed at making the world a better place. We are at the dawn of the autonomy revolution, and I look forward to seeing Advanced Navigation take the lead on this path with such unparalleled spirits, disruptive innovations and life changing solutions.”

Stephen Fujiwara Senior Sales Executive

Stephen Fujiwara
Senior Sales Executive

“Working at Advanced Navigation gives me the unique opportunity to work with a forward-thinking company in numerous industries and applications. Including working with military applications, which as a retired US Navy Submariner, I am extremely passionate about.”

Chris Malzone Senior Account Manager

Chris Malzone
Senior Account Manager

“For me, Advanced Navigation represents the opportunity to define the cutting edge in technology.  Robotics and AI are the future and Advanced Navigation is one of the few companies out there using that as a unique selling point.  Combine the cutting edge with a great culture., job satisfaction is a no-brainer.”

Peter Baker Advanced Navigation Subsea

Peter Baker
Senior Product Manager- Subsea

“The technology our teams work on is disrupting the subsea industry. I’m very fortunate to be able to bridge our incredible engineering talent with our customers, ensure our products and features have maximum value for our customers and solve real-world challenges.”

Romain Pare Head of Marketing

Romain Pare
Head of Marketing

“At Advanced Navigation, we work on some of the most innovative projects in the world. It’s exciting to see autonomous cars or flying taxis and think that we helped make those a reality. Our clients are defining tomorrow’s world in sea, land, air, and space, and we’re very proud to be part of it.”