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Ocean Business 2023 18-20 April | Southampton, United Kingdom

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Ocean Business 2023 Southampton UK

Advanced Navigation is looking forward to exhibiting at Ocean Business 2023. As a leading provider of acoustic navigation and inertial navigation systems, we are eager to showcase our latest products to attendees from marine industries. Advanced Navigation will be featuring high-precision navigation solutions which offer unparalleled levels of accuracy and reliability.

Our team of experienced professionals is looking forward to meeting with attendees to discuss their needs and show them how Advanced Navigation’s AI-based cutting-edge technology can aid them. We can’t wait to connect with stakeholders at Ocean Business 2023.

When: 18-20 April 2023

Location: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom (Google Maps)

Stand/Booth: N8


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Ocean Business 2023

Ocean Business 2023 is an international exhibition and conference for ocean technology and marine science industries, scheduled to take place at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK. The event aims to showcase the latest developments in ocean technology and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry professionals. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services, while attendees can participate in workshops, live demonstrations, and networking events. The event is expected to attract a diverse range of participants from sectors such as oil and gas, marine renewables, and oceanography.

Live Demonstration – Special Showcase of Hydrus Micro-AUV

We will be doing live demonstrations of our award winning fully autonomous underwater drone, Hydrus, showcasing the latest advancements in underwater robotics, a showcase not to be missed!

Hydrus Demo Micro Auv

Main robotics and acoustic navigation technologies on display at Ocean Business 2023


Micro AUV



Boreas D90


Meet our Advanced Navigation Team at Ocean Business 2023

Xavier Orr

Xavier Orr
Chief Executive Officer 

“Thanks to our incredibly talented and innovative team, our technologies are found in some of the world’s greatest vehicles. From land and sea through to air and space, we are extremely proud to help industry-leading navigators define the future of robotics, and drive the autonomy revolution to create a safer, more sustainable world.”

Sion Rowlands Head of EMEA Sales Advanced Navigation

Sion Rowlands
Head of Sales – EMEA 

“It’s great to work with a team of experts during a period of accelerated growth at Advanced Navigation. My team and I are exposed to the most innovative technology and applications across all industries. The autonomous market is growing exponentially, I’m excited to see where we can take it.”

Daniel R-H

Daniel Roscoe-Hudson
Sales Executive 

“I am looking forward to finding out how I can help my clients accomplish their goals with Advanced Navigation products. These products not only have flexibility in the realm of possible applications, but an incredible amount of flexibility for users to interface with and tune to function with exacting performance in their applications.”

Chris Malzone

Chris Malzone
Senior Account Manager

“For me, Advanced Navigation represents the opportunity to define the cutting edge in technology.  Robotics and AI are the future and Advanced Navigation is one of the few companies out there using that as a unique selling point.  Combine the cutting edge with a great culture., job satisfaction is a no-brainer.”

Peter Baker Advanced Navigation Subsea

Peter Baker
Senior Product Manager – Subsea

“The technology our teams work on is disrupting the subsea industry. I’m very fortunate to be able to bridge our incredible engineering talent with our customers, ensure our products and features have maximum value for our customers and solve real-world challenges.”

Akshat Sharma

Akshat Sharma
Application Engineer

“The prospect of using cutting-edge technology to explore and study the vast, uncharted depths of the ocean. The potential for discovery and innovation in this field is limitless and this is what gets me excited about working at Advanced Navigation.

Additionally, I appreciate the unique challenges that come with designing and operating robotics systems in an underwater environment. The need for durability, efficiency, and adaptability in such systems is paramount, and I am proud to be a part of the team who have exceptional skills to overcome these challenges.”