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AMT 2023 18-19 October | Perth, Australia

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Join Peter, Akshat and Tim at the Autonomous Marine Technology (AMT) Conference, 2023. Advanced Navigation’s robotics and acoustic navigation solutions not only assist you in navigating exactly where you want your vessels or assets to be below the waves, but also leverage our expertise in precision robotics, navigation and artificial intelligence to create new horizons that will mutually benefit human effort and sustainable interaction with marine habitats and lifeforms.

When: 18-19th October 2023

Location: Parmelia Hilton Perth


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AMT 2023

The Autonomous Marine Technology (AMT) Conference – previously the Autonomous Underwater Technology Conference – aims to showcase the rapid advanced in the marine technology field, along with demonstrating real world and future potential applications of the different technologies within our marine environment. This conference is a fantastic platform for networking opportunities, allowing delegates to connect with industry leaders, academics and researchers who are passionate about subsea technology development.

Peter Baker: Taking the Drone Revolution Underwater

Our Senior Subsea Product Manager, Peter Baker, will be presenting his talk, ‘Taking the Drone Revolution Underwater’, on the second day of the conference. In this presentation, Peter will explore how Hydrus, the world’s first fully autonomous underwater drone, transforms ocean exploration.

Main INS, acoustic navigation and robotics technologies on display


Micro AUV



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Meet our Advanced Navigation Team at Event name

Peter Baker Advanced Navigation Subsea

Peter Baker
Senior Product Manager – Subsea 

“The technology our teams work on is disrupting the subsea industry. I’m very fortunate to be able to bridge our incredible engineering talent with our customers, ensure our products and features have maximum value for our customers and solve real-world challenges.”

Tim Laws

Tim Laws
Technical Sales Manager

“I have been working at Advanced Navigation for over 5 years, and it has been an incredible journey. I have seen the company grow with dozens of talented people joining our Australian and global teams.

Furthermore, witnessing the development of our most advanced solutions from start to finish, having the opportunity to work with an amazing team of people, as well as assisting an increasingly wide array of customers from a variety of industries has made this the most fulfilling and enjoyable role of my career.”

Akshat Sharma

Akshat Sharma
Application Engineer 

“The prospect of using cutting-edge technology to explore and study the vast, uncharted depths of the ocean. The potential for discovery and innovation in this field is limitless and this is what gets me excited about working at Advanced Navigation.

Additionally, I appreciate the unique challenges that come with designing and operating robotics systems in an underwater environment. The need for durability, efficiency, and adaptability in such systems is paramount, and I am proud to be a part of the team who have exceptional skills to overcome these challenges.”