Subsonus Tag Datasheet

What is the Subsonus Tag's range?

The Subsonus Tag can track multiple underwater assets up to 1,000 meters.

How does Subsonus Tag help in ROV tracking?

By attaching Subsonus Tag to ROVs, users can accurately track their position underwater, improving operational efficiency and safety.

How does Subsonus Tag improve diver safety?

Subsonus Tag enhances diver tracking, ensuring their safety during underwater missions. Real-time monitoring improves rescue response time in emergency situations.

Is the Subsonus Tag suitable for tracking underwater assets like tows?

Yes, Subsonus Tag can easily attach to tows, providing real-time positioning information, making underwater asset tracking more efficient and secure.

What industries can benefit from Subsonus Tag?

Industries like hydrographic surveying, commercial diving, subsea engineering, and ROV operations can significantly benefit from integrating Subsonus Tag in their projects.

How does Subsonus Tag compare to traditional tracking methods?

Subsonus Tag provides more accurate, reliable positioning with higher environmental noise tolerance and immunity to magnetic interference compared to traditional methods.