OBDII Odometer

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The OBDII Odometer is a smart interface cable that communicates with a vehicle’s onboard computer to provide vehicle speed as external aiding for our INS solutions.

The OBDII odometer outputs real-time vehicle speed over an RS232 serial data interface. When connected to one of Advanced Navigation’s INS products it allows for outstanding navigation accuracy when GPS is not available.

ABS Speed and Reverse Detection

The OBDII Odometer can retrieve a very accurate and high resolution vehicle speed from the ABS system (Anti-lock Braking System) on some vehicles. On other vehicles the transmission still offers an accurate speed. Some vehicles also offer reversing detection via the gearbox position.

Miniature Durable Design

The OBDII Odometer has a miniature in-line design that is easy to fit into any vehicle. It features a strong ABS plastic shell and tough strain relieved cabling.


The OBDII Odometer is built for reliability. It is built on a safety based real time operating system and all software is designed and tested to safety standards. The hardware is designed to MIL specs and has fully galvanically isolated power and communications.



Protocols Supported
ISO 9141-2 • ISO 11898 • ISO 14230-4 • ISO 15765 • ISO 15765-4 • SAE J1850 VPW • SAE J1850 PWM • SAE J1939 • Other Manufacturer Specific


Interface Isolation
Optically Isolated
115200 baud
AN Packet Protocol
Output Data Rate
10 Hz


Operating Voltage
9 to 16 V
Input Protection
Surge • Over-voltage and Under-voltage • Brown Out • Reverse Polarity
Power Source
OBDII Connector (vehicle power)
Power Consumption (Typical)
0.72 W
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to 85 °C
Environmental Protection
202 grams


21 Sep 2021 - V 1.2


OBDII Odometer Viewer

A very basic utility to view the data from the OBDII Odometer. Java is required to run this program.

25 May 2018 – V 1.1

OBDII Odometer SDK

The OBDII Odometer SDK provides royalty-free example source code for interfacing with OBDII Odometer through the AN Packet Protocol. The languages provided are C/C++, Java, and .Net C#.

25 May 2018 – V 1.0

OBDII Odometer Firmware

The firmware for all hardware versions of OBDII Odometer. The changelog can be found in the OBDII Odometer reference manual.

25 May 2018 – V 1.1

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