Subsonus is a next generation underwater acoustic positioning system that provides high accuracy position, velocity and heading at depths of up to 1000 metres. This USBL features an industry leading calibrated hydrophone array combined with an internal tightly coupled INS, all packed into a miniature titanium enclosure small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


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Industry Leading Hydrophone Array
Industry Leading Hydrophone Array
Subsonus features an industry leading eight channel factory calibrated hydrophone array. With so many hydrophones, Subsonus is able to offer superior angular and ranging accuracy. Subsonus's hydrophones are a new highly directional in-house design that offer incredible receive sensitivity combined with exceptional noise and multipath rejection. Despite each elements directionality, the complete array of eight provides a full acoustic field of view for tracking targets from any direction.
Integrated Tightly Coupled Ins
Integrated Tightly Coupled Ins
Subsonus features an integrated tightly coupled INS (inertial navigation system). The INS fuses Subsonus's acoustic position and doppler velocity with factory calibrated inertial sensors and a depth sensor to achieve an optimal solution with accuracy far beyond that of a standalone acoustic positioning system. This also allows Subsonus to output reliable low noise, high update rate position and velocity that is suitable for control.
Automatic Speed Of Sound
Automatic Speed Of Sound
Subsonus has the ability to measure the speed of sound through water using a revolutionary new technique. This means that the system is self tuning and no extra equipment or user intervention is required to setup the system, reducing the risk of operator errors.
Dynamic Transmit Power
Dynamic Transmit Power
Subsonus dynamically adjusts its acoustic transmit power based upon ranging distance. This results in highly improved short range performance by significantly reducing noise and multipath. Subsonus features an operating range and depth of up to 1000 metres.
Acoustic Heading
Acoustic Heading
Subsonus works on an inverted USBL scheme which allows it to provide accurate acoustic heading to the subsea vehicle. Additionally because reference position and heading data is transmitted acoustically, the Subsonus unit on the subsea vehicle can output absolute position, velocity and heading without the use of a tether for data transfer. Subsonus can also operate in a standard USBL scheme where it is compatible with most major beacons.
Fully Integrated Miniature Enclosure
Fully Integrated Miniature Enclosure
Subsonus does away with the typical reliance on external equipment such as rack mount units, interface boxes or PCs. All processing is done internally inside the miniature titanium enclosure and the system connects through a single ethernet connection for data output. It features a web browser based user interface.


Subsonus is an excellent choice for AUV tracking and AUV control due to its accurate position, velocity and heading output that is both smooth and low latency. It is also highly suitable for untethered AUVs as it's reference surface data is transmitted acoustically rather than requiring a tether for data transfer. In the event that the system loses contact with the surface, it is able to continue navigating on its inertials for extended periods of time.
Historically ROVs have been unable to use USBLs for station keeping due to a combination of position error noise, no velocity source and low update rate. With Subsonus, station keeping on ROVs is now possible thanks to its accurate low noise position, doppler velocity and high update rate inertial aided position and velocity. The integrated GPS antenna boosts operator confidence by maintaining situational awareness even when the vehicle has breached the water surface. Subsonus makes ROV tracking and ROV navigation more accurate and reliable.
Subsea Surveying
Subsea Surveying
For underwater surveying such as mapping subsea features, Subsonus is an ideal subsea positioning and heading reference source. It features built in high speed logging so that a survey can be completed and then matched to data. Low latency navigation data can be streamed directly to other survey instruments that require precision alignment of live imaging or captured bathymetric data.
Diver Tracking
Due to it's extremely small size and weight Subsonus is practical for use with diver operated equipment and underwater navigation consoles. The simple web interface makes set-up and operation very easy. The integrated INS provides the diver with smooth, high speed navigation information while the acoustic modem functionality allows communication with the surface to be maintained.


Position Accuracy
(5 m range)
0.1 m
Position Accuracy
(100 m range)
0.5 m
Position Accuracy
(1000 m range)
5.0 m
Velocity Accuracy 0.01 m/s
Roll and Pitch Accuracy 0.1 °
Heading Accuracy 0.3 °
Heave Accuracy 5% or 0.05 m
(whichever is greater)
Internal Filter Rate 1000 Hz
Output Data Rate up to 1000 Hz
Latency 0.6 ms
Hydrophones 8
Frequency 30 kHz (broadband)
Range 1000 m
Acoustic Coverage 300 ° hemispherical
Range Accuracy 0.1 % of slant range
Angular Accuracy 0.1 °
Update Rate Up to 10 Hz
Modem Data Rate Up to 10 kbit
Typical User Data Throughput 120 bits/s
Integrated GPS/INS Yes
Integrated GPS Antenna In top of hydrophone array
Pressure Sensor Range 1000 m
Pressure Sensor Accuracy 1.5 m
Operating Voltage 9 to 60 V or
Power over Ethernet
Power Consumption
10 W
Power Consumption
25 W
Interface Ethernet
(RS232/RS422 through ILU)
Timing Synchronisation PTP and NTP support
Depth Rating 1000 m
Operating Temperature -20 °C to 40 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Shock Limit 25 g
Dimensions 106x106x93 mm
Weight in Air 1170 g
Weight in Water 650 g


Download / Link
Subsonus Datasheet
Subsonus Reference Manual
Subsonus Performance Evaluation
Subsonus 3D Model
Subsonus Bracket 3D Model


Subsonus SDK V2.4
The Subsonus SDK provides example source code for interfacing with Subsonus through the AN Packet Protocol. The languages provided are C/C++, Java, and .Net C#.
Release date
27 October, 2020
Subsonus Firmware V2.4
The firmware for all hardware versions of Subsonus. This can be loaded onto Subsonus using the web browser interface. The changelog can be found in the Subsonus reference manual.
Release date
29 October, 2020
Subsonus Tools V2.4
Subsonus Tools is a utility for logging data and converting log files from Subsonus into CSV formats
Release date
29 October, 2020