Logging Unit

The ILU (Interface and Logging Unit) is a device server that interfaces to any of Advanced Navigation's systems and provides data logging, a web interface, a time synchronisation server and a wide variety of different industry standard data input/output options.

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Extensive Range of Interfaces
Extensive Range of Interfaces
The ILU features 6 RS232/RS422 serial ports, 1 CAN bus, 2 ethernet ports, WiFi and an array of multi-function GPIO pins. All of the interfaces can operate simultaneously with input and output of data in a large selection of different formats. Every single interface is individually optically isolated to prevent grounding issues with other equipment.
Data Logging
Data Logging
The ILU supports data logging from the connected Advanced Navigation device and every other one of its interfaces simultaneously. Data can be automatically timestamped on arrival for easy synchronisation. The system contains 128GB of logging capacity which can allow the unit to log for months.
Time Synchronisation Server
Time Synchronisation Server
The ILU functions as an accurate GPS disciplined oscillator and has the capabilities of a full time synchronisation server. Its timing synchronisation outputs include 1PPS, 10 Mhz, hardware PTP as well as a number of other protocol based synchronisation outputs such as NTP and GPZDA.
Rich Web Interface
Rich Web Interface
The ILU features a rich web interface that contains live mapping, real time data plotting and full configuration of devices. The ILU supports all of Advanced Navigation's products and the web interface dynamically reconfigures based upon what it is connected to.
Rugged Industrial Design
Rugged Industrial Design
The ILU is housed in a rugged marine grade aluminium enclosure that is water proof and dirt proof to the IP68 standard. The system features surge, static, overvoltage, short circuit and reverse polarity protection on all of its interfaces. Additionally every interface is individually optically isolated to prevent grounding issues with other equipment.
Industry Standard Protocols
Industry Standard Protocols
The ILU has support for all of the major protocols including NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, TSS, PASHR, Simrad as well as a wide variety of proprietary protocols. Support for any other popular protcols will be added on request.


Marine Surveying
Marine Surveying
The ILU is ideal for marine survey applications which require multiple serial port data streams going to different equipment. It's ability to simultaneously stream multiple configurable formats and log data at the same time makes it highly desirable for applications such as multibeam sonar. The Ethernet and WiFi interfaces allow for data streaming and monitoring over existing infrastructure as well as wirelessly.
Land Surveying
Land Surveying
In land surveying applications the ILU allows for easy and reliable data logging as well as logging external timestamped events and synchronising time with other systems. The built in NTRIP client makes RTK with Advanced Navigation's Spatial series of GPS/INS a breeze.
Subsea Surveying
Subsea Surveying
The ILU is an excellent companion for Advanced Navigation's Subsonus USBL where it can break out the Ethernet interface to provide multiple standard serial data interfaces with industry standard protocols. It also allows Subsonus to accept existing ship navigation systems data input.
The ILU is a perfect addition to marine applications that require multiple sources of positioning and heading data. The NMEA 2000 input/output allows for interfacing with a wide range of existing marine equipment.


RS232/RS422 Ports 6
Baud Rates 1200 to 1M baud
Ethernet Ports 2
Ethernet Features Gigabit
Hardware PTP
CAN Ports 1
GPIO Pins 8
Encoder Inputs 2 Differential Quadrature
2 Standard Quadrature
4 Frequency
WiFi 802.11b
Supported Protocols NMEA 0183
NMEA 2000
Raw Binary (logging)
Raw ASCII (logging)
Supported Output Data Rates Up to 1000 Hz
Logging Capacity 128GB
Simultaneous Logging 16 sources
Corrections NTRIP Client
Operating Voltage 9 to 36 V
Input Protection ±100 V
Power Consumption
3.5 W
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 °C
Environmental Protection IP68
Shock Limit 40 g
Dimensions 204x100x52 mm
Weight 550 g


Download / Link
ILU Datasheet
ILU Reference Manual
ILU 3D Model


ILU Firmware V1.81
The firmware for all hardware versions of the ILU. The firmware can be updated by clicking on system firmware update in the tools menu of the web interface. The changelog can be found in the ILU reference manual. Released 14th December 2016. PLEASE NOTE THAT IP SUBNETS HAVE CHANGED IN THIS RELEASE. Please see the manual for details.
Release date
25 May, 2018