The New Certus Range of GNSS/INS

Certus Image

Advanced Navigation is proud to introduce its new line of MEMS GNSS/INS.

The Certus range offers better performance and easier integration, along with license-free RTK, making 8mm positioning accuracy affordable.



There are two versions available:

Certus Evo ImageCertus Evo: a ground-breaking GNSS/INS that offers near FOG performance combined with the reliability and affordability of MEMS sensors.

0.03 ° Roll and Pitch
0.05 ° Heading
8 mm RTK Positioning
0.4 °/hr MEMS Gyroscope

Certus image

Certus: an evolution of the industry leading Spatial Dual, with low SWAP-C and enhanced integration capabilities.

0.1 ° Roll and Pitch
0.1 ° Heading
8 mm RTK Positioning
3 °/hr MEMS Gyroscope


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