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Bringing affordable insights to the surface

The ocean has long been a costly and complex place to gather data - until now.


Meet Hydrus, the underwater drone revolutionising underwater data collection across aquaculture, reef monitoring and subsea inspections.


Hydrus makes subsea operations simple and affordable while giving you the data and insights you need.

High-Quality Data

Featuring advanced sensors and a 4K camera, Hydrus delivers accurate, georeferenced video and imagery for 3D surveying and photogrammetry. It excels at collecting underwater data in dull, dirty and dangerous missions.

Ease of use

Using Hydrus eliminates the need for large vessels, complex launch systems and professional dive teams. Its compact design allows a single user to deploy it quickly, saving valuable time for data collection.

Reduced costs

Hydrus reduces seabed exploration and surveying costs by up to ~75%* compared to divers and ROVs, enabling users to conduct more frequent and extensive surveys. Additionally, maintenance is easy and inexpensive.

As part of an unprecedented shipwreck expedition off the coast of Western Australia, Hydrus captured high-quality data while reducing operational costs by 75%.

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Hydrus can seamlessly integrate data with photogrammetry software to create high resolution 3D models.

Reconstructed Seabed
Hawaii, USA

Reconstructed Reef
Ningaloo, WA, AUS

Reconstructed Seabed
Hawaii, USA


Hydrus can lower operational costs by up to 75%* compared with traditional, resource-intensive methods involving divers and ROVs.

*The cost estimates are based on a shipwreck expedition in Western Australia in 2024. All amounts are priced in AUD.


Starts at


Starts at


Starts at

Depth: < 50m

Hydrus can autonomously navigate shallow water to greater depths with ease - a domain where missions can quickly get expensive.

Depth: > 50m

Even in the deep, where dives become risky and ROVS unwieldy, Hydrus keeps costs and complexity down.


FULLY AUTONOMOUS Hydrus is equipped with the most advanced sonar, navigation and communications systems of any subsea vehicle.

Enabling highly reliable, fully autonomous underwater missions with obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

USBL Positioning

Acoustic positioning provided by Subsonus underwater positioning system

Acoustic Modem

Long range underwater communication

GNSS Receiver

Absolute positioning and timing when on the surface

Inertial Navigation System (INS)

AI-Enhanced MEMS-based INS

Hubless Thrusters

Maintain fine control authority and avoid entanglement of objects


Plan missions and offload data

Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)

High frequency DVL for accurate relative positioning and bottom tracking


Unlike divers, Hydrus can be programmed to execute the exact same mission. Consistent data collected over time allows for deep analysis to be performed. 3D missions can be planned in minutes.

UHD 4K 60fps Camera

Simultaneously captures cinema-grade video and 12 MP still imagery

Wireless Charging

Safe, reliable and fast charging of Hydrus using industry-standard Qi protocol – even underwater

Smart Lighting

AI image analysis dynamically adjusts the lighting to illuminate the subject

3D Reconstruction

Combine sonar point clouds with SfM photogrammetry for high resolution digital twins of the seabed

Connectorless Design

Fully sealed, connectorless body design reduces maintenance and removes the chance of water ingress

E-ink Screen

Pressure tolerant, ultra low power E-ink screen for concise and clear human-machine interface


Compact and portable, Hydrus can be launched and retrieved by a single person. No special watercraft is required. The intuitive mission-planner negates the need for professional training.

HIGH-QUALITY DATA FOR INFORMED DECISION-MAKING Hydrus is an invaluable tool for collecting repeatable high-quality data and gaining insights into underwater infrastructure.



Whether you're an oceanographer, subsea surveyor or industry professional, Hydrus offers the key to unlocking the underwater insights you're after.

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