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Spatial Firmware v2.2 Released

Advanced Navigation has released firmware version 2.2 for their Spatial product line. The new firmware contains some very exciting new features that allow for innovative new navigation applications. An intelligent heave filter has been implemented for accurately tracking a ship's vertical motion. The EGM96 geoid model has been included to allow for highly accurate mean sea level. Dual odometer support has been added. Airspeed support has been enhanced with an advanced wind estimation filter.
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Spatial FOG Released

spatial fog2
Advanced Navigation in collaboration with KVH Industries have announced their new Spatial FOG GNSS/INS today. Spatial FOG is a ruggedized GNSS aided inertial navigation system and AHRS that provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation under the most demanding conditions. It combines the new KVH Industries 1750 fibre optic gyroscopes based inertial measurement unit with magnetometers, a pressure sensor and a dual frequency RTK GNSS receiver.
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Spatial Performance Evaluation

Advanced Navigation has released a document containing results demonstrating Spatial's market leading performance. Tests were performed under a range of different conditions. The document is available for download from the Documentation section of both the Spatial and Spatial OEM product pages.
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