Spatial v3 Released

spatial v3

Advanced Navigation has announced the release of the third generation of their Spatial MEMS GPS/INS product. The new Spatial v3 features a significant upgrade of the accelerometers and gyroscopes. The new sensors provide some of the best MEMS inertial performance currently available on the market with a gyroscope bias instability of 3 °/hour and accelerometer bias instability of 20 ug.

The new sensors allow Spatial v3 to achieve increased orientation accuracy of 0.1 ° and maintain accurate heading for longer periods without corrections from magnetometers or GPS. Dead reckoning performance through GPS outages has also increased.

Spatial v3 also features an additional auxiliary multi-function RS232 port and an increased input voltage range of 5 to 36 volts. Spatial v3 uses the same protocol and remains fully compatible with Spatial v2 and Spatial v1 as well as Spatial Dual, Spatial FOG and Orientus. The connector is pin compatible with both Spatial Dual and Orientus.

With the Spatial v3 hardware, Advanced Navigation has also released version 3.0 of the Spatial firmware. The firmware features an enhanced odometer algorithm that provides increased performance with odometers and speed sensors. An automatic magnetic calibration algorithm allows for hassle free magnetic calibration during operation. Advanced Navigation's motion analysis algorithm has been added which uses inertial data to make speed estimates during dead reckoning for ground vehicles.

Spatial v3 along with the rest of Advanced Navigation's product portfolio will be on show at the ION 2013 conference. Orders of Spatial v3 will begin shipping on the 30th September.