Spatial FOG Completes 558 Kilometre Dead Reckoning Test

Spatial fog

Spatial FOG has completed a long distance 558 kilometre dead reckoning test in a drive down the eastern coast of Australia. The test duration was 8 hours and 17 minutes and involved difficult terrain with altitude changes of more than 800 metres. Spatial FOG demonstrated market leading performance in the test with an error of just 0.1% of distance travelled.

For the test, Spatial FOG was installed into a 1996 Jeep Cherokee and the factory odometer signal was connected. The factory odometer is low resolution with 0.2 metres per pulse. Spatial FOG was initialised with a manually entered starting position and did not have any GPS antenna connected for the duration of the test. A Spatial Dual unit with antennas connected was installed next to Spatial FOG to provide a high accuracy GPS reference for the test.


The vehicle drove from Waterfall Way in northern New South Wales to Point Piper in Sydney. The course took 8 hours and 17 minutes and involved difficult terrain, sharp cornering, altitude changes of more than 800 metres and ambient temperatures of 42 degrees celsius.

RoadRoadRoad 3

At the end of the test, Spatial FOG's dead reckoning position was compared with the Spatial Dual reference position and the error was found to be just 564 metres or 0.1% of distance travelled. The track and final approach can be seen below with Spatial FOG in blue and the Spatial Dual reference in red.

Track mapFinal Approach map

The results of this test show Spatial FOG's market leading dead reckoning performance even under difficult conditions.