PLSM releases subsea survey platform integrating Advanced Navigation's Orientus


PLSM has announced the release of their new subsea surveying buoy platform that integrates Advanced Navigation's Orientus. The buoy platform combines Orientus and an RTK GPS with their USBL acoustic underwater positioning system to provide high accuracy positioning to underwater vehicles.

PLSM utilised Orientus' extensive peripheral support to integrate it with a dual antenna GPS heading system. Orientus smooths out the noise from the dual antenna GPS and maintains heading during any gaps of dual antenna heading outage to provide the system with consistently accurate and reliable heading. It also provides high accuracy roll and pitch which is used to compensate for angular motion of the system in the water.

This combination of an L1 dual antenna RTK system and Orientus has allowed PLSM to obtain very high accuracy position, attitude and heading at a very competitive price that is suitable for use in stationary environments. For moving applications Advanced Navigation recommends the all in one L1/L2/L5 full INS solution of Spatial Dual.

An application note on the integration of Orientus and its performance testing can be found at this link:

PLSM Orientus Integration

A detailed product flyer on the full system can be found at this link:


For more information please contact PLSM. Contact details can be found on their website at