Carnegie Wave integrates Spatial Dual into the world's first grid connected wave energy power plant

wave energy power plant

Carnegie Wave energy has integrated Advanced Navigation's Spatial Dual into their CETO wave energy power plant. CETO is currently the only operating wave energy power plant in the world and the first ever to be connected to the grid.

Carnegie Wave's CETO 5 wave energy power plants have now been operating for a total of 3000 hours off the coast of Western Australia. In February 2015 a CETO unit was connected to the electricity grid marking a major milestone.

Spatial Dual is used on the CETO power plants to monitor operational performance as well as provide early warning on any problems that may arise. The position, velocity, heave, roll, pitch and heading output from Spatial Dual are carefully monitored.

The environment of CETO puts Spatial Dual's inertial navigation performance to the test. As large waves pass over the CETO unit, Spatial Dual's GPS antennas become submerged and it navigates solely on inertials until the wave passes. This cycle repeats continuously.

A photo of CETO fully submerged with antennas protruding in its normal installed state is shown below.

Cetos 2

The full unit out of water can be seen below.

Cetos 3